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Founder Monjurul Islam Megh

Poet, Writer, Graphic Designer, Researcher, Motivational Speaker, Social Activist, Journalist, Screen playwright, Filmmaker, Producer and Entrepreneur
President at Moralook
Editor in Chief at 
Assistant Editor at The Parliament Face 
Film Festival Distributor and Producer at cineMaking
Coordinator of the International Children and Youth Film Festival, Georgia ( Golden Butterfly) in South Asia.
Founder and Executive Director at Moral Education Growth Humanity 
Former Consultant of Film Festival & Marketing at Nokkhottro Cholochitro 2017/19
Former Festival Coordinator at Dhaka International Film Festival (2016,2017,2018 )
Former Communication Coordinator (Bangladesh) at SAARC Film Festival (2017,2018)
Former Festival Coordinator at 1st BIMSTEC Film Festival 2017
Former Motivational Speaker at youyouth organization 2015
Former Lecturer of ICT at British International School and College 2014/15
Former Brand Executive at Paiker Group 2013/14
Former staff Reporter at daily Kaler Khobor 2012/14
Former Editor at Monthly Mojar Bogura 2009/10
Megh is the national wide motivational speaker, young social leader, media parson and writer of Bangladesh. He is especially recognized as a motivation around the country and abroad. Megh emerged as a powerful voice in Bangladesh’s literary world in the early 2008s, eventually becoming clearly the one of the most popular romantic rhymes writer of the country. He was well-known as a drama and film playwright and director in the Stage, Drama and Dhallywood film industry. He is film critics, film festival activist, film distributor and Producer. He is Honorable member of many National and International organization.
Literature, Film and Theater :
His stage Drama name of the “Parklet” the most popular when it was staged in front of the parliament at 2016. He made short film name of “Sebika”, “Rosogolla”, “Boucholegelo” in 2008. He was involved as team member with Tauquir Ahmed’s three feature films in 2017 to 2019. Megh made a short film “Right” 2017 and “IchchaGhuri” and “Trishnar jol” at 2019. Megh have running two feature film and three documentary and some shorts in pre-production stage. He was written first research book name of the “Bogurar Kobi Sahittik o Sompadok Porichiti”. He written many script and some book waiting for publish.
Career :
Monjurul Islam Megh started his career as a journalist, joined in daily Kaler Khabor in 2012. He is Former Brand Executive of “Paikar Group” in 2013/14. Megh is former lecturer of ICT in the British International School and college, Savar in 2014/15, Dhaka. He was Motivational Speaker of the Youyouth organization 2015. Then he was join in Dhaka International Film Festival as a festival coordinator in 01 December 2015 to 28 February 2018. At the same time he was joined at nokkhottro cholochitro as a consultant for film festival and marketing during 24 February 2017 to 30 January 2019. Now he is involved his own business moralook as a President.
He Founded “Boimela” at 2019.
Megh Founded a film marketing, distribution and festival consulting farm name is “cineMaking” 2016.
He Founded Multi Cultural Project Development Industry “Moralook”  in 2015.
He Founded and IT farm name “wPc Solve”, in 2013 and he founded CCIT Academy 2014.
He Founded an online news portal in 2012 this portal is base on cultural news.
Megh Founded monthly “Mojar bogura” at 2009 a magazine base in multi cultural.
Social organization:
Megh Founded Moral SDGs at 2016 for partnership development of SDGs.
Megh Founded Paradise Diamond Leo club in 2016 ( He was Founder President)
He founded “Moral Education Growth Humanity” in 2014 (no-government volunteering organization in Bangladesh)
Megh also co founder of Leo club of Bogura Ideal 2014 (He was founder Secretary)
Megh Founded “Bogura Cultural Society” 2009 ( with college friends)
Megh Founded “Mon Shilphi Bon” at 2008.
Academic :
Monjurul Islam Megh passed of Computer Science and Engineering and he studied anther bachelor degree in BBA. He was participated lots of workshop, training, seminar in home and abroad. He is associate member of IEB and alumni on Dhaka DocLab.
Megh achieved some award nationally and International also.
1. Received the certificate for presented article in Vishashaba at Visha Bharati, Wast Bengla, India. 
2. Presenting Award 2018 by Guwahati International Film Festival, Asam, India.
3. Social Entrepreneur Award 2017 by Citizen Open Foram, Dhaka
4. Cambrian Education and BSB Group – Best Writer Award 2014
5. Best Book Award 2014- (Ekushe Book Fair Bogura)
6. British Council: Social Enterprise challenging award 2010 – National championship
7. HSBC Prothom Alo Bhasa Protijog 2010 – National Championship
8. International Children Film Film Festival 2009- Inspired
9. And many award divisional and National
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